Laura Ingraham: Rob Porter’s Domestic Abuse Didn’t Affect His ‘Top-Notch’ Work at White House

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The White House continues to deal with the fallout over the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal. The administration has struggled to explain when they first knew about the allegations that Porter physically abused his ex-wives. Meanwhile, the president’s public defense of Porter has caused additional headaches for the White House. During last night’s broadcast of The Ingraham Angle, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham took aim at the #MeToo movement while coming to the defense of Trump and the administration. Stating that #MeToo had become more about politics than justice, she said the “folks pushing the movement” moved onto their true target — Trump. Having said that, she then addressed the accusations levied against Porter while also seemingly minimizing his former role as staff secretary, noting that he was someone most people had never heard of before last week. She further explained that the allegations didn’t hurt his job performance at White House. “His reportedly tumultuous relationships — to say the least — apparently didn’t, however, affect his work, which by all accounts was top-notch,” Ingraham stated. “Even one of his ex-wives and said she didn’t think he should be fired, despite what she claimed were his anger problems.” Regarding Trump’s defense of Porter last Friday, Ingraham said that the president “refused to throw Porter to the wolves.” After playing a clip if POTUS’s remarks, Ingraham snarked about the reaction to Trump declaring his well-wishes for Porter and that “says he’s innocent.” “Well, that was heresy because apparently the only acceptable response from the president would have been condemning Porter to a life of misery and inviting the wives to the White House for a #metoo lunch,” she said. She went on to state that while she believes Trump could have mentioned the women who have accused Porter of abuse, she feels that the Democrats don’t “really care all that much about women or victims of abuse and harassment.” This led to her bringing up the Clintons and former Congressman John Conyers, noting that he resigned from Congress in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal. Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — Follow Justin Baragona on Twitter: @justinbaragona

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