Brian Kilmeade Turns Segment on Olympic Star Chloe Kim Into Sermon on Immigrating ‘Traditional Way’

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Brian Kilmeade joined Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney this morning and their discussion focused on the Olympics. Specifically, the dynamic duo talked up 17-year-old American Chloe Kim‘s gold medal in snowboarding — which she won on Monday. It wasn’t long before the pair dispensed with the congratulations and launched into a sermon about the proper way to immigrate to America. “[Kim’s] parents leave South Korea in 1982 for a better life in America and they said when she won her gold, her dad says ‘that is my American dream,'” Kilmeade said. “Immigrating to the US the traditional way. You sign up. You apply. You go ahead and you serve and the next thing you know you are an American citizen and your daughter, in this case, wins a gold medal.” Varney took a moment to complain about all of those pesky immigrants who hate America, despite having here, or something. “We hear this far too infrequently, immigrants who like America, succeeded in the American dream and say so,” he said. “You just don’t hear that often enough. That’s my opinion.” Kilmeade concurred, saying “absolutely, the same thing.” [image via screenshot] — Follow Lawrence Bonk (@sidescrollers) on Twitter

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