Adam Rippon Would Like You to Stop Talking About His Sexuality Because ‘It Doesn’t F*cking Matter’

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Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon continues his tear through the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang by charming the pants off of everyone he meets. In a press conference, Rippon touched on his denouncement of Vice President Mike Pence, his newly-acquired bronze medal, and his sexuality. “I don’t want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence,” Rippon said. “I want it to be about my amazing skating and being America’s sweetheart.” To that end, he’s also proud to be a gay man, but he stressed that being gay has nothing to do with his skating prowess. “Being gay and being an athlete, it doesn’t fucking matter,” he said. “I think sometimes people might perceive gay men as not being strong or not being fighters. It’s not true.” “Your sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with this,” he added. “In the past few weeks, I’ve never talked about eyebrows and I’ve never talked about being gay so much in my entire life because it’s never been a big deal.” “In so many articles it’s always ‘gay Olympian Adam Rippon’ and I wear that title really proudly, but I’m not a gay Olympian. I’m just an Olympian. And now I’m an Olympic medalist.” Watch above, via Deadspin.
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