Trey Gowdy Takes Shot at Congress Over Retirement: ‘I Like Jobs Where Facts Matter’

Rep. Trey Gowdy, who recently announced he will not seek reelection in 2018, took a swipe at Congress in an interview on CNN’s New Day on Wednesday morning. “Why are you getting out of this racket?” Alisyn Camerota asked Gowdy. “Because I miss my old job,” replied the South Carolina congressman. “I miss the justice system. I like jobs where facts matter, I like jobs where fairness matters. I like jobs, frankly where the process matters. And it’s not just about winning and it’s not just about reaching a result. There’s a proper way to do things.” “I’m more at peace in jobs that reward fairness and that are fact-centric than I am in Congress.” “And so facts do matter in Congress?” Camerota asked. The congressman chuckled and replied, “I think what matters in Congress is finding a group and then validated or ratifying what already believe.” Gowdy mused that maybe his great granddaughter will experience a Congress in which “the facts prevail.” “I like the art of persuasion, I like it when facts matter, and I don’t see that in our current modern political environment,” he concluded. Watch above, via CNN. [image via screengrab] — Follow Aidan McLaughlin (@aidnmclaughlin) on Twitter

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