MSNBC’s Ruhle Rips Kelly Over Porter: There Are Competent People ‘Who Didn’t Beat Their Wives’

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle went on a tear against White House Chief of Staff John Kelly this morning amid the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal — which she dubbed a “hot mess.” She found it particularly odd how the White House appears to be putting all the blame on the personnel security office, with Bret Stephens calling it “bizarre on multiple levels.” Stephens said Kelly having issues with the legislative side would be understandable, but at the very least a general should be able to deal with “operational security.” Ruhle didn’t blame President Trump for this, calling what happened “a disservice to the President” and expressing her astonishment at this quote in the Washington Post:
When asked if Kelly could have been more transparent or truthful, that official wrote: “In this White House, it’s simply not in our DNA. Truthful and transparent is great, but we don’t have a coherent strategy to obfuscate.”

WaPo‘s Philip Rucker said this is what happens after “13 straight months of misrepresenting the facts.” And Ruhle finished with this:
“John Kelly, I’d like to offer to you––I get it, you think Rob Porter is a really smart, competent guy. He went to Harvard. My own husband went to Princeton. We can introduce you to some competent people who didn’t beat their wives.”
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