Matt Schlapp Swipes at Romney’s ‘Pathetic’ Senate Bid: ‘Learn How to Knit’ or Something

On Friday night, Matt Schlapp sounded off on Mitt Romney and his recently-announced Senate run in Utah. When asked by Mike Emanuel, who was filling in for Bret Baier on Special Report, if the former Massachusetts governor was going to win, Schlapp expressed his uncertainly, but did confidently say that he found this all “rather pathetic.” “He ran for president, he got trounced, a lot of people thought he was going to win, he had a good first debate,” Schlapp told Emanuel, “but I think it’s time for Governor Romney of Massachusetts––maybe future senator from Utah––to just kind of find something else to do.” The American Conservative Union chairman suggested for Romney to “get a hobby,” “play golf,” learn how to knit,” or “go traveling.” “So mean, man!” Marie Harf reacted. The former Obama State Department spokeswoman and now Fox News contriubtor praised Romney, him a “dedicated public servant” and a “good person.” Harf added she was looking forward to “what kind of candidate” he will be as well as the “kind of senator” in regards to his relationship with President Trump. Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York asked “why does he want to do this” since he will end up distancing himself from the Trump’s controversies yet will still vote with him “90% of the time.” The panel was then asked for this week’s “winners and losers,” a Friday tradition on Special Report. And let’s just say Schlapp wasn’t done with a certain Senate candidate. “I hate to go back to it. My loser, partly because Marie seems to love him so much, would be Mitt Romney,” Schlapp joked. “Like I said, I think it’s time to find a hobby and to move on and to give someone else a chance.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]

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