Back to the Future

Since the Parkland school shooting, the student-led #NeverAgain movement has kept gun control in the headlines. This week, we look at how the movement began — and how pro-gun internet trolls have tried to undermine its message. Plus, how the world of Black Panther taps into a long history of black liberation struggles, and why Black History Month, in the Trump era, can feel both righteous and corporate, dignified and farcical. 
  1. Emily Witt [@embot], writer and reporter at the New Yorker, on the genesis of the #NeverAgain movement
2. Jason Koebler [@jason_koebler], editor-in-chief at Motherboard, on the "crisis actor" conspiracy
  1. Adam Fletcher [@bicyclingfish], co-founder of the Freechild Project, on the history of student-led movements. 

  2. Doreen St. Félix [@dstfelix], staff writer at the New Yorker, on the commercialization of Black History Month.

  3. Nathan Connolly [@ndbconnolly], history professor at John Hopkins University, on the origins of "Black Panther"'s Wakanda

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