The Five Praises Trump CIA Director Pick Who Oversaw Torture: ‘She’s A Hero’ Who ‘Saves Lives’

With Gina Haspel’s selection to be the Central Intelligence Agency’s next director, Fox News’ The Five praised the President Donald Trump’s pick for her history of overseeing a secret torture site in Thailand, despite critics accusing her of being “quite literally a war criminal.” After CIA Director Mike Pompeo was announced as Rex Tillerson‘s replacement today, Haspel was tapped for the agency’s top spot — which led to many calling-out her history of overseeing the torture of terrorist suspects and destroying interrogation evidence. But no such call-outs were heard over at The Five. Jesse Watters led the segment pick by saying, “I love this woman.” Watters — who once famously appeared to make an on-air oral sex joke about Ivanka Trump — continued his commentary by voicing his support for women, as the choice of Haspel is “a real historic moment” in female leadership. Greg Gutfeld was ecstatic about history of overseeing torture, saying “she should be proud of what she did” — much to the pleasure of his co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who voiced her agreement. Gutfeld continued heaping praise on the CIA operator:
“She has to make decisions that a lot of her critics don’t have to make. She answered the call, and that call forces you to make decisions that could put you in jail. So, the thing is, when you are faced with a potential terror attack that could kill thousands, and they say ‘But if you do this, you go to jail,’ — if you follow that order, you are wrong. If you follow the order that puts you in jail, that makes you a hero.”

George W. Bush press secretary-turned-Fox News pundit Dana Perino continued the Haspel love-fest by saying her actions “save lives.” “And they save lives,” echoed Gutfeld. “So I think she is a hero. And if she was a TV character, she would be a hero, a woman running a black site, that’s — that’s — that’s a great character.” He continued by lamenting “the left,” which Gutfeld suggested will unjustifiably “paint her as a killer, and a heinous person.” Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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