Morning Joe Makes Case That Tillerson Firing Proves Trump is a ‘Moron’: ‘This is a Hot Mess’

Morning Joe was not impressed with President Trump today as they reviewed the implications of Rex Tillerson‘s firing as Secretary of State. During today’s show, Joe Scarborough bashed Trump for his habit of demeaning and humiliating members of his administration, even as they walk away from the White House. Scarborough noted how Trump and Tillerson contradicted each other on foreign policy in the past, and he eventually brought up the report about the time where the president ordered the secretary of state to eat a salad. “Why don’t you, Mr. President, if you’re so damn hungry,” Scarborough said. “It does no good to humiliate yourself for Donald Trump. When are people going to learn that?” Later on, as the panel held an interview with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Mika Brzezinski wondered whether Trump made his decision because he held a grudge against Tillerson for supposedly calling him “moron.” “Some would argue that it would take a moron to tell the world that you’re unstable and that you lurch around and can’t make decisions,” Brzezinski said. “Some might say you would look like a moron if you acted so impulsively on the world stage and you would fire on Twitter your secretary of state, someone who’s heading up a State Department that has so many unfilled spots it’s almost dangerous.” Brzezinski also noted that Trump fired Tillerson without consulting with him about North Korea recently, and while the secretary of state was trying to smooth things over in Africa after the president’s “sh*thole” comments. “This is a hot mess,” she said. Watch above, via MSNBC. [Image via screengrab] — —
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