Outnumbered Gets Heated After Host Says Trump Doesn’t Say Controversial Things Like Hillary

Things got heated on Outnumbered Wednesday when the panelists argued that Hillary Clinton fuels negative campaign ads against Democrats with her controversial statements — while President Donald Trump suffers from no such problem. Charles Hurt was today’s #OneLuckyGuy, and he joined the ladies for a review of Clinton’s disparaging remarks about Trump voters over the weekend. Hurt, Melissa Francis and Lisa Kennedy took turns ripping Clinton’s “patronizing” remarks and talking about how they’ll be used in GOP ad campaigns to bash Democrats in future elections. Fox Democratic contributor Jessica Tarlov had difficulty defending Clinton’s claim that women were pressured to vote for Trump, but she told Harris Faulkner that she doesn’t want the former presidential candidate to disappear forever. Faulkner remarked that Trump isn’t “putting out a treasure trove for the opposite party” to use, to which a stunned Tarlov responded by listing off all of Trump’s most recent controversial comments. “He innumerable things that you can run in an ad until the end of time,” Tarlov said with obvious exasperation. “I can cut 50 ads right now before the end of this segment.” Francis shrugged that off by saying Democrats tried it during the election and it didn’t work. Watch above, via Fox News. [Image via screengrab] — —
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