Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano Explains How Comey Could Be Signaling Mueller’s Next Moves

This post is by Aidan McLaughlin from Mediaite

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Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox & Friends the morning after James Comey’s interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC, and explained where the former FBI director could be telegraphing the next moves in the Russia investigation. The Fox News judicial analyst first noted that Comey’s comments that “it’s possible” the Russians have compromising information on President Donald Trump is meaningless, and was just the former FBI director’s opinion. “The most dangerous thing was his comments about obstruction of justice,” Napolitano said. “Why do I think that’s dangerous? Because he talks to [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller and because he knows Bob Mueller’s thinking on this.” “We don’t care if Jim Comey thinks the president may have obstructed justice,” Napolitano explained. “But if he’s sending a signal that Mueller and company think that, they think it on the basis of some evidence and that’s potentially worrisome.” “You think he is talking Mueller now?!” an incredulous Steve Doocy exclaimed. “Sure, he’s a witness for Mueller so they interact all the time,” Napolitano replied. Napolitano went on to give a preview of what to expect from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s appearance at New York court today — in which he expects Cohen to face a grilling. Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] — Follow Aidan McLaughlin (@aidnmclaughlin) on Twitter

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