Scaramucci Commands Comey: ‘Subordinate Yourself To The President And Zip Your Mouth’

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci cozied up with James Comey‘s new book this weekend and knocked out the whole thing just in time to give the former FBI director some friendly (?) advice on Fox & Friends. “I want to be fair about the book,” Scaramucci began. “I was very impressed with his upbringing. When he talks about the culture inside the FBI, I was very impressed with that.” “He obviously loves President Obama. He has a right to do that,” he continued. “He tries to act like is he nonpartisan but is he actually very partisan.” Then Scaramucci transitioned into some advice: “That’s okay that you are partisan, but let’s tell the American people how partisan you are and let’s drop the sanctimony.” “I don’t like the hits on the president for another reason,” he explained. “You worked for the president. He your boss. Okay. He elected to fire you. I got fired, no big deal. I’m still loyal to the president. And I think that when you are the director of the FBI, you are at a certain level where he is the president. Subordinate yourself to the president, okay, and zip your mouth.” Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]

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