Watch John Heilemann’s Bizarre, Heated Interview With Russian Foreign Ministry Spox

As tensions rise with Russia following the air strike on Syria, Showtime’s The Circus featured a truly bizarre, contentious interview with a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Speaking with John Heilemann, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova opened by saying “thank God” Donald Trump is President of the United States. Heilemann followed up, asking why Zakharova feels that way. “Because you admit the fact that he’s an American president,” she said. “Because we’re talking so much [about] Russian so-called involvement in your elections. And each time, I’m very, very pleased to hear that somebody is admitting that President Trump is President of [the] United States.” The Showtime host then asked — in an interview conducted before the U.S. strike — how Russia would respond to an American attack on Syria. “Russia will protect its own people on the ground,” Zakharova said, tersely. Later, Heilemann said, “I think that the conventional view in the West, however, is that your president has become more aggressive.” “Where did you find aggression from Russian Federation?” Zakharova said. “Just show me.” “I think the answer would be, interference in the American election––” Heilemann said. “How we did this?” Zakharova said. “How?” Heilemann replied, “Well, one way that you did it was to hack into the Democratic National–” “Was it one way? Or several?” Zakharova said. “Well, it was several,” Heilemann said. “So let us talk it over,” Zakharova said. “Let us talk it step-by-step. What did we do?” “This would take up most of our time,” the interviewer responded. “I can cancel all my meetings today,” the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said. Watch the bizarre segment above, via Showtime. [featured image via screengrab] —— Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

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