CNN Panel Clashes Over Giuliani: ‘Didn’t This Bulldog Just Make a Bigger Mess on the Paper?’

A CNN panel got heated Friday night over a discussion of President Donald Trump‘s new legal ‘bulldog” Rudy Giuliani. “What the president does have now… is some bulldogs,” former campaign spokesperson Jason Miller said, before naming Emmet Flood and Marty and Jane Raskin. Then after the panel pointed out the Raskins and Flood are not going to be out in the media, Miller said that the president “deserves” to have people defend him. “But didn’t this bulldog just make a bigger mess on the paper?” Anderson Cooper interjected, referring to the mess Giuliani created when he went on Sean Hannity‘s show. Miller then tried to downplay the disaster and subsequent damage control, insisting Giuliani actually “clarified it a little bit today.” Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, though, was not having it and snapped back that Trump actually made it a bigger mess when he came out and had “none of his facts right.” Miller then tried to claim that what Trump actually said was that he was “going to get all of his facts.”
Then he lectured, “Maria, you can’t say he had none of them right, the president did not say that.” Cardona replied, “Come on, when you have to split hairs like that you know you’re in trouble.” Watch the heated exchange above, via CNN. [image via screengrab]

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