Sarah Sanders Blasts ‘Shameful’ Media: They are ‘Out of Touch’ With America

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders blasted the “shameful” media for being “out of touch”, “clueless” and not giving the Trump administration the credit it deserves. Speaking to Martha MacCallum on Fox News, Sanders was asked about a New York Times headline reading, “At a Key Moment, Trump’s Top Diplomat is Again Thousands of Miles Away.” That headline referred to Mike Pompeo, who was on a mission to North Korea at the time. In response, Sanders used it as an opportunity to slam not just the New York Times but the media in general for not really knowing what is going on in the Trump administration. “I think it’s shameful what the media sometimes does,” Sanders said. Then pointing out that she got just as many questions about Michael Cohen as Pompeo during the Wednesday press briefing, she continued on: “I think that is sad and another reminder that us just how out of touch the media is with the rest of America and I think that is a perfect example of just how clueless sometimes the media can be.” She then suggested that the media doesn’t realize how busy the Trump team is, telling MacCallum, “This is an administration that likes to get more than one thing done a day.” MacCallum then chimed in, telling Sanders, “They certainly have some egg on their face for that headline, which happens.” Sanders criticism of the media comes on the same day as she was criticized by the media for refusing to answer questions on Michael Cohen and Trump’s legal woes. Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]  

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