WATCH: Hardball Panel Gets Hot Battling Over Whether Trump Should Apologize For Aide’s McCain Remark

Chris Matthews and his Hardball panel got into it, Tuesday night, battling over the question of whether President Donald Trump should apologize for aide Kelly Sadler‘s closed-door comment about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) not mattering because “he’s dying anyway.” Republican strategist Adolfo Franco was the lone member of the panel to argue that Trump doesn’t owe an apology. “[H]e had he nothing to do with it,” Franco said. Democratic strategist Peter Emerson disagreed. “The problem is at the head,” Emerson said. Franco went back at Emerson — and the argument got heated from there. “Do you think the president of MSNBC should apologize for something Chris Matthews said?” Franco argued. “He’s responsible like a general or an admiral,” Emerson said. “He’s responsible for all his troops.” Matthews then referenced Trump’s comments about McCain not qualifying as a war hero because he was captured. Franco deemed that be irrelevant. “This has nothing to do with the story you’re trying to all create!” “Have you ever heard President Trump say something it you think he should apologize for?” PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked Franco. “I don’t think he should be in the business of apologizing,” Franco said. “For anything?!” Emerson said incredulously. Watch above via MSNBC. [featured image via screengrab] —— Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

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