Deadpool Crashes The Late Show: Please, Don’t Stand Up. ‘It’s CBS. I Know How Old Your Audience Is’

During his opening monologue Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert was interrupted by an unexpected guest. After making several jokes at the expense of President Trump, Colbert pivoted to talking about summer blockbusters. “There are so many superhero movies this year,” Colbert told the audience. “Besides Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve already had Black Panther. Pretty soon, they’ll be Ant-Man & The Wasp and Aquaman and Venom. I mean, at what point will audiences say ‘enough with the superheroes?'” “Is it Deadpool 2? I bet it’s Deadpool 2,” Deadpool said as he stormed the stage to a roaring crowd. “Please guys, no one stand up. It’s CBS. I know how old your audience is.” While The Late Show host wanted to continue with his monologue, Deadpool thought it would be a “great opportunity” to promote his new film, adding that he’d “love” to be Colbert’s guest. Colbert rejected offer, saying he already has Jamie Foxx appearing on the show. “I see, well… he’s got boyish charm for days,” Deadpool reacted. “I for one loved his work in Back to the Future.” “That’s a different Fox,” Colbert told the comic book character. “I’ll be the judge of that,” Deadpool shot back. “You know who should not be on your show? Ryan Reynolds. Huge ***hole. He’s like a poor man’s version of Ryan Reynolds and a rich man’s version of my most recent turd.” Deadpool then insisted on reading the rest of Colbert’s monologue. “You know, you’re not going to believe this, but Donald Trump is in the news,” Deadpool read the teleprompter with Colbert’s glasses. “The administration is still dealing with the fallout from trump announcing that the U.S. Will be pulling out of the Iran deal. It’s trump’s biggest pulling out blunder since Eric.” Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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