Trump Reportedly Wants One WH Leaker Busted and ‘Dealt With’ to Make an Example of Them

This post is by Josh Feldman from Mediaite

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The White House’s leak problem has reached a fever pitch following the leak of Kelly Sadler‘s comment about John McCain‘s ailing health. Publicly and privately White House officials like Sarah Huckabee Sanders have decried leaks, and earlier this week President Trump denounced leakers in his White House as “traitors and cowards.” Per The Daily Beast, Trump is very serious about wanting to stop the leaking:
According to two sources who have spoken with the president about this issue in recent days, he has expressed his desire for at least one prominent “leaker” to be conclusively identified and “dealt with,” in order to make an example of him or her. Some Trump allies outside the White House are equally, if not more, livid and threatening to name and shame West Wing staffers whom they believe to be among the most egregious of Trump-subverting leakers.

That revelation is of a report on how Trump really, really misses Hope Hicks. In her absence, the duties of the White House communications director have apparently been split between Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, and Mercedes Schlapp. In fact, Trump recently “reached out to Hicks… according to a White House official, having staff deliver her a dictated message that he wished ‘Hopey,’ as he calls her, well.” [photo via Getty Images] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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