Cuomo, Giuliani Slug it Out in 40+ Minute Showdown: ‘I Don’t Know’ If An Informant Spied on Trump, Nor Does He

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Chris Cuomo had Rudy Giuliani on New Day today, which became an epic 40 minute sparring match as they grilled each other over President Trump and the Russia investigation. Throughout the conversation, Giuliani was asked about the recent reports which caused Trump to accuse the Obama-era FBI of illegally spying on his campaign. Trump advanced that idea with his latest statements on Twitter. Cuomo noted several times that, with all of Trump’s resources, the president could find out whether his campaign was investigated if he really wants to, rather than peddling media speculation from Fox News. In terms of whether there was an informant, Giuliani said he didn’t really know.
“I don’t know for sure, nor does the President, if there really was one.”
The showdown continued as Cuomo grilled Giuliani over the White House’s claims that James Comey and Andrew McCabe are proof that the Russia investigation is rife with corruption. As Giuliani blasted Comey as a “damn liar” and a leaker, which devolved into a argument about the legality of the former FBI director’s actions, and whether his firing was the catalyst for Robert Mueller‘s investigation. When Cuomo brought up what Trump told Lester Holt about firing Comey over the Russia investigation, the discussion eventually turned towards Rod Rosenstein‘s oversight of the Russia special counsel. At one point, Giuliani copped to a Freudian slip about firing the assistant attorney general, though that led a discussion about whether Trump
will try to purge the Department of Justice after all of his negative comments about Jeff Sessions. Watch above, via CNN. [Image via screengrab] — —
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