Giuliani Throws Jeff Sessions Totally Under the Bus: ‘If I Were Attorney General,’ I Would’ve Killed Mueller Probe

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During his explosive interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani said Jeff Sessions could’ve prevented the Russia special counsel investigation, and that he would’ve dismissed the probe if he was attorney general. Giuliani faced a lot of questions on Friday morning over Rod Rosenstein‘s oversight of Mueller and the implications for President Donald Trump. As Giuliani criticized the “illegitimate” probe and said there was “no probable cause” to investigate, Cuomo countered by noting that Trump said on public record that he fired James Comey because of the Russia inquiry, not because of Rosenstein’s recommendation. “How about – there are five reasons to fire Rosenstein…” Giuliani said, before stopping himself. Cuomo called it a Freudian slip, though he joked that the Trump Administration thinks Rosenstein has to go along with his boss. Giuliani responded that Sessions is “a good man,” though Cuomo reminded him Trump has attacked the over and over because of his recusal from the Russia investigation. “Maybe we could have honorable men there, not Jeff Sessions,” Giuliani said. “If I were the attorney general, the case would be dismissed now over the improprieties of the case.” When Giuliani tried to spin the conversation towards the investigation into Paul Manafort, Cuomo stayed on target and asked whether he thought Sessions was correct by recusing himself. Giuliani spun around the question before bashing Sessions for sticking Trump with the special investigation. Watch above, via CNN. [Image via screengrab] — —
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