Cynthia Nixon Dismisses Hillary Clinton’s Cuomo Endorsement For NY Gov As ‘Establishment’: We Aren’t Afraid

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On Thursday night, actress-turned-gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon appeared on The Daily Show to talk about her Democratic primary campaign against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. When asked what inspired her to not just vote but “be voted for,” Nixon said that the 2016 election of Donald Trump was a “wakeup call for women across this country” and that despite being in a “terrible moment” for the nation, she called on progressives to “seize this opportunity” in New York. The Sex and the City star slammed Governor Cuomo for touting that New York is “the most progressive state” yet not passing the NY DREAM Act or the Women’s Reproductive Health Act and how thousands of minorities are “sitting in jail” because they can’t afford bail. “How could you’ve been governor for eight years and presided over this and not had movement on any of these issues?” Nixon asked. “You can’t yourself a progressive and frankly, you can barely call yourself a Democrat.” Nixon mocked Cuomo for the “Cynthia Effect,” which she coined for the governor’s more recent policy shifts that many (herself included) believe that her campaign is responsible for pushing him more to the left. Trevor Noah then asked Nixon if she expected Hillary Clinton to endorsement Cuomo over her or if she was disappointed in any way. “You know, Andrew Cuomo, he runs the New York Democratic Party, he’s going to get all the establishment endorsements,” Nixon responded. “We walked into the lion’s den, we knew what it was, we knew it was his backyard, but we wanted to show people, you know, that they that had an alternative and that we weren’t afraid and that actually the Democratic Party is our party too.” She also boasted how her campaign got “more small donor donations on the first day” of her candidacy than Cuomo “has gotten in seven years.” Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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