Pro-Trump NC Republican Labeled ‘Bigot’ By Google Search Tells Fox Sunday ‘It’s Not That Surprising’

This post is by Caleb Howe from Mediaite

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A Republican state senator was labeled a bigot by the same Google search method that recently labeled the California GOP as Nazis, Fox reports. The senator, Trudy Wade, appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday to talk about the situation, which host Ed Henry called “horrifying.” “It’s not that surprising to me or my colleagues back in north Carolina,” said Wade. “We certainly see this a lot in editorials and the news media, especially the liberal media, social media.” “It’s not unusual for us being conservative,” she added. Wade told Ed Henry that Google did not remove the result when it was first reported, but only after it became national news. The story was first reported by Vice News, which also reported the California GOP “Nazism” story, and say it’s “just the latest example of Google not vetting the information that gets pulled into its ‘knowledge
.'” In this case, Wade admitted to Henry, the originating story was a blog post blasting her for her opposition to a civil unions and gay marriage resolution on the town council she was serving on in 2012. More recent public photos were available in Google search and Wikipedia, but the 2012 blog post’s image was the one that appeared at the top of Google’s results. The Drudge Report ran the Vice story on Friday, prompting a response from Google Communications on Twitter. [Featured image via screengrab] — Follow Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) on Twitter

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