Mitt Romney: President Trump Will Win Again in 2020

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Former governor/aspiring Senate candidate Mitt Romney is pretty sure Donald Trump‘s presidency will last a second term. Romney spoke with high-level political figures and business leaders yesterday at his annual retreat in Utah. As he and his guests spoke about the current state of American leaders, he predicted that Trump’s re-election bid will succeed in 2020, for a variety of reasons. “I think that not just because of the strong economy and the fact that people are going to see increasingly rising wages,” said Romney. “But I think it’s also true because I think our Democrat friends are likely to nominate someone who is really out of the mainstream of American thought and will make it easier for a president who’s presiding over a growing economy.” The remarks are interesting considering the fact that Romney’s relationship with Trump is…complicated to say the least. The former Massachusetts governor called a “con man” and a “fake” during the 2016 election, and Trump returned fire by calling him a choke artist over his failed 2012 bid for the presidency against Barack Obama. The animosity between the two has subsided in recent months, however, with Romney saying the Trump presidency has gone better than expected, and POTUS has endorsed his senate campaign. [Image via Getty] — —
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