Trump Doubles Down: ‘I Do Have an Absolute Right to Pardon Myself’

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During his press scrum at the White House today, President Trump reminded reporters of his “absolute right” to pardon himself if he sees fit during Robert Mueller‘s ongoing investigation. There have been a lot of questions recently about whether Trump is “above the law” if he’s in a position to grant himself clemency if he’s ever indicted on anything. As Trump talked about his latest pardons and said he’s thinking about posthumously pardoning Muhammad Ali (whose conviction was already overturned), Trump was asked if he views himself above the law. Trump’s answer.
“I’m not above the law. I never want anybody to be above the law, but the pardons are a very positive for a president. I think you see the way I’m using them…and yes, I do have an absolute right to pardon myself, but i’ll never have to do it because i didn’t do anything wrong, and everybody knows it. There’s been no collusion. There’s been no obstruction. It’s all a made up fantasy, it’s a witch hunt. No collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. Now, the democrats have had massive collusion, massive obstruction, and they should be investigated.”
So much for this tweet about not talking about the “Russian Witch Hunt.” Watch above, via CBS. [Image via screengrab] — —
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