Nigel Farage Says Europe ‘Bewildered’ By Trump’s International Diplomacy

According to Nigel Farage, the European media is flummoxed by President Donald Trump‘s international diplomacy moves after watching him flake out on the G7 conference just as he prepares to begin talks with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. Appearing on Fox & Friends Sunday, Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party, said confusion over Trump’s behavior extends from the country’s press to its leaders. “People are bewildered because you know, the newspaper headlines this morning say, you know, Trump walks away from G7, international disunity, what’s the man doing? And, hey, here he is stepping onto the tarmac in Singapore in what is the most important international meeting that’s happened, I think, for decades,” he said. It looks like Farage is keeping his expectations on that meeting quite low, believing even Trump and Kim just getting along would be an accomplishment. “Success, to me, is a that ends with the two of them standing there saying, ‘You know we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, but we kind of got on as people,'” Farage said. “That, to me, at this stage would be a success.” Farage noted that there’s potential for Trump to interact positively with Kim as he did in the past with Macron, but that it’s unlikely there will be any major developments at the summit. “To expect some dramatic breakthrough at a first meeting simply isn’t realistic,” he said. Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [Image via screengrab] Follow Amy Russo on Twitter: @amymrusso

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