Actor Vince Vaughan Arrested for DUI and Resisting Arrest

Vince Vaughan was nabbed for driving under the influence Sunday, and with refusing to comply with officers once they began arresting him, it was reported. The actor was driving just outside Los Angeles in Hermosa Beach at 1 a.m. when he was stopped at a DUI checkpoint and charged with DUI and resisting arrest, according to CNN. In the car with him was another male, who remains unidentified and was also arrested for public intoxication and obstructing officers, the Manhattan Beach Police Department said. Vaughan and the passenger were brought to Manhattan Beach Jail but have since been released. This is the actor’s first time being arrested for DUI, The Hollywood Reporter said. In 2001, he he was arrested following a violent bar fight in Wilmington, NC, leading to assault charges against him which were eventually dropped. [Image via screengrab] Follow Amy Russo on Twitter: @amymrusso

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