Sheriff Clarke Mocked For Claim Trump Should Invite ‘Justify’ to WH Because Horse is Not a Liberal

Remember Sheriff David Clarke? He’s the pro-Trump, cowboy hat-donning, fake pin and badge-wearing former sheriff from Milwaukee who resigned to take a job in the Trump administration. The job fell through after CNN reported Clarke had plagiarized his 2013 master’s thesis. But plagiarism isn’t the worst part about Clarke, nor is his often asinine and violent rhetoric. Alleged neglect at the former sheriff’s Milwaukee, Wisconsin jail resulted in FOUR inmate deaths in 2017, including one bi-polar inmate who died of dehydration after being held without water in solitary confinement for days, in what was ruled a homicide. This story, however, is about the asinine rhetoric. God knows what Clarke is up to in his professional life these days, but he remains active on Twitter. Sunday, he celebrated the Triple Crown win of Soros-owned horse Justify the only way he knows how: by dunking on the libs. “[Trump] should invite JUSTIFY the White House lawn for winning the Triple Crown,” Clarke tweeted. “Justify is a WINNER like Trump who could care less about leftist identity politics.” Clarke, obviously taking a swipe at the series of sports players who have spurned invitations from Trump to visit the White House, is suggesting that Justify, the horse, should be invited because it is not a liberal but, in fact, a horse. The tweet was met with widespread mockery on the platform, uniting commentators from the right and left in disdain for the cable news cowboy. [image via screengrab] — Follow Aidan McLaughlin (@aidnmclaughlin) on Twitter

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