Jeremy Bash Slams Trump Administration on Morning Joe: G7 Was ‘An Epic Foreign Policy Fail’

The G7 summit may have more far-reaching consequences than fracturing our relationship with allies – it may also hamper our negotiating position with adversaries. Mika Brzezinski asked MSNBC analyst Jeremy Bash to weigh in on a tweet by Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass in which Haass mused that the United States was put on the back foot in negotiating with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by its poor showing in Canada. Haass added that President Donald Trump will want to play nice during the Singapore Summit “lest people conclude he is the problem.” “The G7 was an epic foreign policy fail,” Bash agreed. “It was an easy lay-up missed by the United States.” “This was really Vladimir Putin’s playbook,” he continued. “Not only would he want to be in the G7 or G8, but actually what he wants more than that is to fracture the . And that’s exactly the outcome of the G7.” “And so I think the United States goes into this Summit with North Korea with our traditional alliances fractured,” he added. “If we’re going to ensure that American national security interests are protected in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, we’re going to need allies.” Watch above, via MSNBC. [image via screengrab]

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