Fox & Friends Host Ainsley Earhardt: Media is ‘Rooting For Trump to Fail’ at North Korea Summit

Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt took a swipe at her colleagues in the media on Monday for, as she put it, “rooting for our president to fail” at the Singapore Summit. With an affected wistful air, Ainsley asked Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce why the media was being so mean to poor President Donald Trump. “They really are just rooting on him to fail,” she prompted. “They simply want him to be hurt,” Bruce immediately agreed. “They want the nation now to be hurt, because it is now pathological. It’s a personal loathing.” She suggested they were rationalizing. “They might explain it to themselves as that, ‘he is bad for the country’,” she said, “but of course, now that’s been proven to be incorrect, hasn’t it?” Earhardt’s and Bruce’s contention was that the media’s criticism of Trump’s policy choices signals a deeper enmity, tantamount to a wish or desire he fail, or worse, that the country should fail. In arguing that, they lumped the entertainment industry in with the liberal media, with Earhardt bringing up the “vulgarity” actor Robert De Niro displayed when he cursed Trump out at the Tonys. Bruce said that the kind of “hateful framework” displayed by the left is “why we have President Trump.” “It is a shame… New York City is remarkable city. It deserves to survive. Broadway and theater deserves to survive,” Bruce said. “These are businesses,” she added. “And it’s a shame they’re going in that direction, and that they haven’t seen what is good for America.” Perhaps businesses have just become confused about what exactly they are supposed to think is good for America these days. There is a distinction to be made between media that is mindlessly cursing and media that is mindfully critiquing, but the two women did not make it here. Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Media? Not Ainsley! But who is afraid of legitimate analysis? Well… Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]

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