Bill Clinton Baffles Twitter With Creepy #MeToo Comment: ‘Norms Have Really Changed…’

“Quite the turn of phrase,” said Alex Burns of the New York Times, in an understated, eyebrow-raising Tweet this afternoon with a screenshot of cringe-worthy remarks from former President Bill Clinton. The excerpt is from an article, posted at RealClearPolitics, quoting Clinton discussing and defending disgraced former Senator Al Franken. “I think the norms have really changed, in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will,” Clinton pondered weightily. And Twitter pondered back. Burns’ NYT colleague Maggie Haberman was succinct and right on the money. I’ll say. And so it began:

This may be my personal favorite, from the always on point Jane Coaston from Vox. Any. Two. Others.

Or, perhaps most accurately and succinctly of them all… Just wow. [Featured image via screengrab] — Follow Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) on Twitter

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