Trump Biographer: POTUS Has Prepared for Kim Meeting All His Life ‘In His Imagination’

Based on what Donald Trump and his team have been saying recently, he might be about to wing his meeting with Kim Jong Un because his whole life has basically led up to this moment. As for biographer Michael D’Antonio, he’s saying that the president’s confidence may or may not shape the world only in his own head. The CNN contributor and writer of The Truth About Trump joined Brooke Baldwin on Monday to talk about how Trump’s deal-making abilities are about to be put to the test. D’Antonio said Trump’s claims about his level of readiness are true in a way, citing the old news that Trump has long envisioned himself as an ambassador who would negotiate denuclearization with hostile powers like Russia. “He has been preparing for this all along in his imagination,” D’Antonio said. “There is a difference between studying up for it. This is a dog who likes to learn now tricks, he relies on the same methods over and over again. He’s been thinking about this for a very long time.” When asked how the summit might go tonight, D’Antonio said he thinks Trump “admires” Kim and will “treat him with some respect” the way he does with other international strongmen leaders. He and Baldwin continued to discuss Trump’s contentious G7 meeting, and the connotations of his meeting with Kim.
“If Kim offers him something spectacular, he could walk out of this meeting beaming about denuclearization, the North Koreans could get something enormous in return, and our allies in Asia will be shaking their heads. The big winner is China because they’re playing the long game. They’re rising while we’re falling.”

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