Google disables most outside ROI tracking, will likely ace its own tests

Understanding what ad spending achives just got harder, at least for brands whose media buys include Google and anything other than TV. Thank GDPR, and Google's response to it. Google last month restricted access to consumer data all over the world, saying the move was necessary to comply with Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation. In the process, it cut off most companies in the business of evaluating brands' returns on investment for digital and some non-digital ads. Now, only seven companies are approved to integrate their data with Google's Ads Data Hub, the repository of its audience data. Thousands of agencies and others could previously use various tags to get and integrate Google user data. And only one of the seven, C3 Metrics, is a so-called "multi-touch attribution" provider that calculates sales return on ad spending across Google and non-Google platforms, including traditional media. Continue reading at

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