Hannity Takes Giddy Victory Lap Live From Singapore: Summit Proves Left’s ‘Ass-Kissing’ Approach is Wrong

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Despite the fact that it was shortly after 3:00 a.m. local time in Singapore, Sean Hannity had little trouble mustering up enthusiasm for what was a giddy victory lap over Tuesday’s summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “They never thought this president would be here this week,” Hannity said on his radio show — speaking of (who else?) the media. “They’re hoping this fails.” The Fox News host believes the media has set the bar unfairly high for the summit — believing that many will deem it a failure if Kim Jong Un gets a photo op with Trump. Hannity, conversely, believes the summit is already a success. “I actually think the world and Trump have won before he ever got here,” Hannity said. “Think about this: Did anybody else ever get little Rocket Man — Kim Jong Un — did ever get him to literally take a test site, a nuclear test site, and dismantle it?” Hannity added, “The liberal policy of appeasement of, well frankly, ass-kissing, and ring kissing, and bowing before dictators and despots, it doesn’t work.” Listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show. [featured image via screengrab] —— Follow Joe DePaolo (@joe_depaolo) on Twitter

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