CNN’s Brian Stelter Swipes at Hannity For Landing Trump Summit ‘Interview’: More Like ‘A Chat Among Friends?’

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Suffice it to say, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter doesn’t think that Tuesday night’s Fox News interview between President Donald Trump and Sean Hannity is likely to produce a Frost/Nixon-type interrogation. In a Monday afternoon Tweet, Stelter fired a stiff jab in the direction of the Fox News host — arguing that the word “interview” might not describe what is set to air on Tuesday night. “If you’re talking with your biggest supporter on TV, an informal adviser to your W.H., someone who’s been called your ‘shadow chief of staff,’ someone you’ve shared a lawyer with… Is it really an ‘interview?'” Stelter posited. “Maybe ‘a chat among friends?'” Stelter’s tweet was just the latest salvo in his ongoing war of words with the Fox News host. The two have a lengthy history of mixing it up on Twitter over various subjects. Each has also frequently gone after the other on their respective programs. [featured images via screengrab] ——

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