Trump Campaign Manager Demands CNN’s Jim Acosta Lose Press Credentials for Doing His Job

President Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign manager demanded CNN’s Jim Acosta be stripped of his press credentials simply for asking questions at the signing ceremony during the summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Brad Parscale tweeted the attack Tuesday afternoon, calling Acosta “an absolute disgrace” in response to a Daily Wire article which claimed he was “shouting” questions at the Singapore event, despite the fact that he was speaking in a normal register and performing his job as a reporter. As Trump sat next to Kim and signed a document outlining a plan to approach denuclearization of the peninsula, Acosta asked, “Mr. President, did he agree to denuclearize?” Trump answered, “We’re starting that process very quickly.” Acosta then continued his questioning, asking whether two leaders had talked about Otto Warmbier, the American college student who mysteriously died after being detained in North Korea, but Trump did not reply. The questions clearly stuck a nerve with Parscale, who appears to be recycling the same criticisms of Acosta he launched last April. In another tweet, he suggested Acosta “get a suspension” for asking questions about DACA during the White House’s Easter celebration, claiming the reporter was “breaking protocol.” The threats against press freedom are especially disturbing considering that Parscale will help to lead Trump’s re-election effort, and the president himself has already floated revoking credentials from journalists who report negatively on him. In May, Trump called the media “corrupt,” implying that any stories that don’t favor his administration are patently false. [Image via screengrab] Follow Amy Russo on Twitter: @amymrusso

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