How Snapchat and Instagram are elevating their shopping games

Snapchat and Instagram are stepping up their shopping rivalry as they both work e-commerce into new areas of their apps. Snapchat is testing new Shoppable Snap Ads, a format it is first using to promote its Spectacles camera sunglasses. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Instagram brought shopping into Stories, the vertical-video section that was copied from Snapchat. (Instagram developed Stories after Snapchat popularized the video style, which lets people string snippets of film together into a fast-paced narrative, which disappears within 24 hours.) Brands on Instagram will now be able to drop shopping bag stickers into their Stories and sell products featured in the videos. The stickers had already been available for use on posts in Instagram's main feed, where they also indicate that an item is for sale. Stories is becoming one of the more popular features of Instagram, with 300 million people using it daily, according to the company. reading at

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