Joe Biden Rips Trump for Not Preparing for Summit: ‘Inexcusable and Irresponsible’

This post is by Josh Feldman from Mediaite

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Former Vice President Joe Biden has a statement out this afternoon that’s very critical of President Trump over his historic meeting with Kim Jong Un. He does call it an “important opportunity” and he generally welcomes “efforts to de-escalate tensions and pursue diplomacy,” but said there needs to be something substantial out of all this. “The summit declaration is very light on details,” Biden says, “and, at lest, is the beginning of a long negotiation process. It is trouble, however, that the Trump administration has given the North Korean regime many sought-after wins up front without getting anything in return.” By going through with the meeting, North Korea now has legitimacy they lacked before, Biden argues, and “in doing so, we have reduced our leverage and signaled a weakening of our alliance in return for vague promises to begin nuclear negotiations.” But Biden is also troubled by the of prep Trump said he took in advance of the meeting:
“By his own admission, the President did not prepare for the Singapore meeting––an inexcusable and irresponsible approach to a high-stakes negotiation. Going forward, I hope that the President and his team will focus on what’s necessary for our safety and security––the complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. That is a goal we all share.”

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