Lou Dobbs Goes After McConnell, Paul Ryan for ‘Not Applauding’ Trump’s North Korea Accomplishments

This post is by Josh Feldman from Mediaite

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Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs praised the hell out of President Trump over his summit with Kim Jong Un, saying he’s “returning triumphantly” today. Of course, Dobbs immediately got right into taking shots at Trump’s critics, including the media, the Democrats, and yes, even the Republicans. As Dobbs spoke with Congressman Ron DeSantis (R- FL) about how no one gives Trump a fair shake and he’s treated so unfairly, Dobbs called out Republican leaders for not being
“I may have missed it, but I didn’t hear from Mitch McConnell about how great the President’s success was in Singapore. I haven’t heard the House Speaker [Paul Ryan] acknowledge, applaud, or in any way acknowledge his success. I haven’t heard––as a matter of fact, from the Chamber of Commerce, the business roundtable, I haven’t heard from business leadership, I haven’t heard from the Council on Foreign Relations. The quiet is on both of the aisle. And it is, I’m sure, knowing this President, he is getting great fuel from it.”

He said leaders in both parties are “not applauding this President’s accomplishments,” asking DeSantis, “Aren’t you embarrassed for the Republican party itself?” For the record: Watch above, via Fox Business Network. [image via screengrab] — — Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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