George Stephanopoulos: Michael Cohen Likely About to Flip, Cooperate With Feds

A new report indicates that Michael Cohen‘s lawyers will no longer represent him, and he’s likely going to cooperate with federal prosecutors. President Donald Trump‘s personal attorney, who is under criminal investigation for alleged bank fraud and shady business dealings, is set to meet with U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood to discuss the FBI’s raid on his offices back in April. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos reports, citing an unnamed source, that Cohen’s attorneys are about to leave the case. The lawyers will work with Cohen to establish a privilege review deadline on this matter, but they won’t work with him any further after that. Cohen is not believed to have a replacement counsel lined up, and without any representation, sources say he is likely to cooperate with the feds. What does this all mean? According to Stephanopoulos, it will “likely hit the White House, family members, staffers counsels hard.” Even though Cohen said this report was false yesterday, a separate article suggested that he believes he’ll soon be arrested, and Trump’s inner circle is worried about what could happen if he turns on his boss. [Photo via Getty Images] — —
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