Daily Show Confronts 2018 Hannity Praising Trump-Kim Summit With 2013 Hannity Bashing Obama

This post is by Ken Meyer from Mediaite

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As Sean Hannity continues to sing the praises of President Donald Trump, The Daily Show is calling out the hypocrisy over his conflicting statements on whether America’s leaders should meet with authoritarian figures. Like many conservatives, Hannity was deeply critical of Barack Obama when the former president met with Cuban leader Raúl Castro. Back in 2013, Hannity complained about Obama “catering to the world’s dictators,” said he was “showing a lot of weakness,” and was acting like “the Neville Chamberlain of our time.” Fast forward to 2018, where Trump recently picked fights with America’s G7 allies, granted an audience to Kim Jong Un, and suggested that America would withdraw troops from South Korea, even though POTUS didn’t establish a detailed plan with North Korea for their eventual denuclearization. What does Hannity to say about that? Well…let’s just say, it’s interesting how much of a turnaround there’s been now that Obama is gone and Trump is in. Watch above. [Image via screengrab] — —
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