WATCH: Insane Unearthed Video of Ex-Mets Manager Raging Against ‘C*cksucker’ Ump

The conversations between umpires, managers and players during a baseball game is a hallowed space to which fans are rarely privy. Players cover their mouths with their mitts so their lips can’t be read; none of the players are mic’d; umpires speak in signs. So when a conversation between an umpire and a manager – particularly a heated one – is made public, it’s a look into a forbidden world – one riddled with swearing. A 2016 video of Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard being ejected for throwing a wild pitch to Dodger Chase Utley was unearthed Wednesday complete with audio from everyone involved. Here’s the background, or, as it’s called in the video, “the situation”: Utley was a Mets villain since his takeout slide that badly injured Mets second baseman Ruben during the NLDS series between the Mets and the Dodgers in 2015. The slide got Utley suspended for a couple of games. (The Mets won the series anyway.) By 2016, Syndergaard may have been looking for a little revenge, which perhaps prompted the call that got him taken out of the game. As soon as the call was made on Syndergaard, Terry Collins, then-Mets manager, got involved, which got him taken out of the game. Crew chief Tom Hallion defended his colleague’s ejection call on Syndergaard, and at the time, the fans at home could only guess at the nature of the conversation between the two. Now, there’s no guessing needed. Collins calls the ump a “cocksucker” and the call “fucking bullshit,” and Hallion looks to calm him down. “Get a handle, come on, let’s go,” Hallion says, holding him back as Collins fumes. “Talk to me. Talk to me.” “Tommy, that’s fucking bullshit and you know it,” Collins screams back. “You gotta give us a shot,” seemingly referring to an opportunity to get revenge on Utley. “That makes it worse, Terry, that makes it fucking worse,” Hallion argues. “The MLB did nothing to that guy,” Collins seethes, still furious with Utley. “I can’t control that,” Hallion replies. “You know where I stand on the whole fucking situation… [But] our ass is in the jackpot now.” Watch above, via MLB. [H/T Deadspin]

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