Bystander Who Pete Hegseth Mauled With An Axe on Live TV Sues Fox News Host

Remember when a young Pete Hegseth, just getting his Fox & Friends sea legs, hurled an axe at a target and missed, mauling a West Point drummer? That guy is now suing the Fox News regular. Jeff Prosperie filed a lawsuit this week claiming he was injured in the June 2015 incident after Hegseth “negligently attempted to throw an axe at a ‘target'” on Fox & Friends. Per the lawsuit, Orange County resident Prosperie was performing as a West Point drummer for a Fox & Friends segment on Flag Day when Hegseth threw an axe at a target, which he missed, striking the drummer. The target, according to Prosperie, “was negligently placed in an area which put pedestrians and other individuals, including the Plaintiff, in the path of peril.” What’s more, the suit claims that Hegseth was “negligent, wanton, reckless and carless [sic] in, among other things, throwing axe in an area where he knew or should have known that pedestrians were present.” Prosperie claims he sustained “severe and serious personal injuries to his mind and body, some of which, upon information and belief, are permanent with permanent effects of pain, disability, disfigurement and loss of body function.” Prosperie’s suit says that he was also “caused to expend and become obligated for diverse sums of money for the purpose of obtaining medical care and/or cure in an effort to alleviate the suffering and ills sustained as a result of this accident.” Watch the incident above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab]

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