Howard Kurtz: GOP ‘Embraces’ Trump’s Support of Kim Jong Un

MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz has concluded that the Republican Party has molded itself into Donald Trump‘s image, which means the GOP more or less approves of the praise the president showered on Kim Jong Un this week. Even since the summit in Singapore, Trump has drawn flak not only for not doing more to challenge Kim, but also because he keeps complimenting the North Korean dictator. In his latest Fox News piece, Kurtz (naturally) criticizes the media for all the negative coverage on the Singapore summit, but says Trump was wrong to call the press the “enemy” and say North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. In the piece, headlined “Trump slams press over Singapore as GOP embraces his praise for Kim,” Kurtz goes on to acknowledge that Mark Sanford‘s recent primary defeat shows what happens to GOP figures they speak up and criticize Trump’s policies. He also highlights a recent piece from conservative blogger Erick Erickson while saying that the GOP “embraced” Trump’s comments about Kim.
“The president pees in the punch bowl of the G7, insists the Russians come back into the organization, then flies off to Singapore to make kissy face with a man who routinely murders his own people. “Had Barack Obama done that, Republicans would be demanding his impeachment.” But Obama is history and Republicans are now the Trump party. There is ample hypocrisy on all sides. The president deserves credit for getting Kim to the table, but at the moment there is no deal. The press should be held accountable for its double standard, but it is not, repeat not, America’s enemy.

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