Laura Ingraham: I Don’t Think ‘God is a Soy Boy’

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Laura Ingraham has officially discovered the “soy boy” meme — an pseudoscience-based insult picked up by the alt-right in their battle against men who they deem too liberal in appearance or politics. It was only a matter of time before the Fox News host stumbled upon the online right’s favorite insult since “cuck” (basically a euphemism for “race traitor”) as Ingraham broke out the “soy boy” dig on Wednesday night while theorizing over the physical appearance of God. “God can’t look like the kid in the Apple commercial, like Mac versus PC,” Ingraham argued while discussing research that theorized what Americans think God looks like. “That’s like a millennial thing. God has skinny jeans, a man bun, and he’s a soy boy.” She continued: “God is a soy boy? I don’t think so.” Ingraham’s term for the opposite of God comes from the longstanding bro-science idea that products containing make men weak and effeminate, since they supposedly increase estrogen levels, which is theory that is not backed by any legitimate scientific research. Facts be damned however, as alt-right message boards on 4chan and Reddit appropriated the term in 2017. Soy boy has since become a term frequently used by hosts of Infowars and far-right media figures like rape apologist Mike Cernovich, but it now seems to dripping its way into the mainstream conservative world. She appears to have picked up some new fans, as posters on the infamous pro-Trump subreddit R/The_Donald are already praising Ingraham for calling out soy boys. As for Ingraham’s idea of what God looks like, the host said old school actors Burt Lancaster and Charlton Heston “seem like God” to her. Watch above, via Fox News. [image via screengrab] Follow the author on Twitter (@calebecarma).

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