CNN’s Jim Acosta Calls Fox News’ Jesse Watters ‘a Lapdog for the White House’

This post is by Amy Russo from Mediaite

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After Fox News’ Jesse Watters advocated for the violation of press freedom Thursday, repeating a disturbing suggestion previously made by President Donald Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta called him the administration’s “lapdog.” Watters, a host of the network’s program, The Five, floated the idea while lashing out against CNN’s Brian Karem for his tough line of questioning directed at Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during a briefing earlier that day. “This guy is an emotional wreck,” Watters said. “He embarrassed himself. He doesn’t belong in the room.” Karem created a bit of a media buzz after asking Sanders whether she felt empathy for immigrant families being divided at the U.S.-Mexico border, seeing as she herself is a mother. However, after a tense exchange with the press secretary, the question was simply dismissed. “It’s like Acosta,” Watters said, referring to another CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, which Donald Trump‘s own 2020 campaign manager has personally attacked, suggesting he lose his media credentials. “I don’t care if you have opinions like that. Be an analyst. Go debate it on CNN in primetime but don’t pretend to be a non-partisan correspondent and then meltdown like that and embarrass your integrity,” he continued on. Then Watters said this: “These people don’t belong there. They are jokes. They start need to start ripping press passes away.” Discussions on revoking press credentials appear to be increasingly common as the media continues to have a strained relationship with the administration, and with a press secretary who doesn’t always arrive at briefings with the facts straight. Watters, expressing frustration over Karem’s back-and-forth with Sanders, implied he and his fellow CNN colleague was unfit to be part of the briefings. “If you’re going to act like a wild animal, you don’t belong there,” he remarked. In response, Acosta said the remarks were “from a lapdog for the White House.” Watch the clip above, via Fox News. [Image via screengrab] Follow Amy Russo on Twitter: @amymrusso

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