Morning Joe on Kobach and Colyer in Kansas: ‘Strangely Enough’ Suburbs Didn’t Run Away from Trump Endorsement

On Morning Joe on Wednesday, Tuesday night’s consequential elections dominated the early half of the show. Among several races, the Republican primary between Trump-endorsed Kris Kobach and incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer was of particular interest. And it holds clues to how the general election could turn. Joe Scarborough noted what was the theme of the morning, that the results yesterday could show trouble ahead for the GOP in November, thanks to Trump. He also mentioned the importance of suburban voters to Republican prospects, and how support for Trump is wavering there. “The suburbs, since the late 1960s have been where Republicans have gone to win elections,” he said. “And now, you know, a Donald Trump endorsement of a candidate like Kobach — that repels so many people in those once solidly Republican areas. So, you know, a win in September or a win in August, possibly leads to a big in the fall.” But MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki threw a bit of cold water on that in the analysis of Kobach versus Colyer.” “It was so striking you had that Trump endorsement of Kobach, and a couple of hours later on Monday right before the election, Mr. Kansas Republican politics, Bob Dole, 95-years-old weighs in with an endorsement of Kobach’s opponent, the acting governor,” he said, first noting how the results are so dependent on the President’s last-minute endorsement. “That was sort of the establishment speaking in response to Donald Trump making that move.” However, there are some expectation-defying results coming in in the suburbs, says Kornacki. “Interesting thing, when you put those results up now where Kobach is clinging to the lead just over 500 votes, it’s one county, one giant county, one giant suburban upscale more affluent county, Johnson county, you know Overland Park, Kansas, for instance, right outside of Kansas City where outstanding votes have been for the last eight hours, basically everything’s from Johnson county,” he said. “When Johnson county was completely outstanding at about midnight, everybody’s assumption was, ‘That’s it. Now Colyer’s going to win the nomination because Kobach won’t win in the suburbs.'” “Now about two-thirds of Johnson county has been counted overnight and Kobach continues to lead, those suburbs have not strangely enough come through for Colyer the way they were expected them to overnight,” he points out. “So certainly I think it’s true, Kobach in November, if you’re a Democrat, you’re saying ‘oh my goodness, this is a golden opportunity to win if Kobach’s the Republican nominee.'” “But those suburbs that are supposed to be endangered, the Republicans voting there maybe not are not seeing it that way quite as much,” he concluded. Scarborough is correct in noting that the suburban vote in Ohio proved extremely disappointing for Republicans, but at least in the Kansas race, it didn’t go as expected, and voters in the suburbs didn’t flee a Trump-endorsed right wing candidate for the establishment-backed incumbent. Not as much analysts would have predicted. Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC. [Featured image via screengrab] — Follow Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) on Twitter

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