GOP Strategist and Ex-Obama Adviser Agree: If Dems Ignore Trump They’ll Storm Midterms

GOP strategist Evan Siegfried and former Obama strategist Joel Benenson appeared on MSNBC to analyze Tuesday night’s elections, and both agreed that if Democrats want to win big in the midterms, they should do two things: ignore Trump, focus on policy. “The biggest story here, and what will be the biggest issue barring some unforeseen event, it’s going to be health care,” Siegfried said. “Danny O’Connor ran, as his top priority, of making health care more accessible and more affordable.” “Right there, that’s what he ran on,” MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said. “He barely talked about Trump.” “Is the formula for the midterms put Trump aside and run on issues that help Americans?” Ruhle asked. “You can’t put Trump aside, but you don’t have to talk about him,” Benenson said. “He is hanging over competitive races like a dark cloud… You don’t have to invoke him in and day out.” “In fact, I think it’s a mistake,” he added. “Make the campaigns about their lives.” The two strategists went on to discuss the problems with New York House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporting Democratic candidates who lost in Tuesday night elections. “I think that she really needs to hone in on, as do other Democrats, health care,” Siegfried said. “ObamaCare’s premiums are going to come out two to three weeks before the election. And those premium raises are going to be high and shocking. And Republicans own it.” “That is something that people don’t want,” he continued. “If Democrats run on that, and also cede the fact that the economy is doing great, but ask the follow up question, ‘Is it helping you?’ They’re going to do very well, and possibly take back the House in November.” Watch above, via MSNBC.

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