Scarborough Rips Giuliani’s Smear of Mueller Probe: ‘Eye’s Are Bulging,’ He’s ‘Looking Disoriented’

Joe Scarborough swiped at Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Morning Joe Thursday, lamenting that he has to “look for excuses” for “America’s mayor.” Morning Joe covered Giuliani’s latest comments, to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, calling Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation “illegitimate,” and accusing him of trying to trap Trump into perjury. “With Rudy Giuliani going around, his eyes bulging while he’s talking and looking disoriented, you look for excuses for America’s mayor, for being this wildly off base,” Scarborough said. “Again, we just showed off the top of the show all of the members of the Trump Administration and the Trump campaign that have already been indicted, and are also — that have also pled guilty.” “Rudy Giuliani says that they have nothing?” Scarborough asked. “They already have Trump’s second campaign manager. Indicted. Trump’s deputy campaign manager, indicted. Trump’s national security adviser, indicted. The jury has indicted all of these people. Trump’s foreign policy adviser that he said was one of his two most important, indicted. Trump’s first campaign manager had charges dropped. And Trump’s first congressional endorser now indicted. The man who put him, who put his name into nomination for Republican nominee now indicted.” “How does Rudy Giuliani even have the nerve to go on there and say what he just said?” he asked. Watch above, via MSNBC.

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