Joe Scarborough: Einstein ‘May Have Ended Up in Nazi Concentration Camp’ Under Trump’s Immigration Viewpoint

Joe Scarborough decried the immigration rhetoric of President Donald Trump — and his supporters, like Laura Ingraham and Corey Stewart — on Morning Joe Friday, pointing to famous immigrants who found success in the United States. Ingraham faced backlash this week after saying on her Fox News show this week that “the America that we know and love doesn’t exist anymore” because of “massive demographic changes.” Stewart is, of course, the Trump-endorsed, pro-secession Republican nominee for Senate from Virginia with extensive ties to white nationalists. “All of this talk, from Laura Ingraham to Corey Stewart, overlooks one small detail of American history,” Scarborough said on Morning Joe Friday. “That many Americans said the same ignorant thing hundreds of years ago, and 150 years ago when the Irish came. They said the same ignorant things when the Germans came. They said the same ignorant things when the Italians came to . There have been a small segment of know-nothings who have been saying ignorant things about immigrants coming to this country for over 240 years.” “If we had Donald Trump and Corey Stewart’s view of America, then you wouldn’t have had Steve Jobs over here,” he continued. “You wouldn’t have had the founder of Google over here, the founder of Yahoo! over here, the founder of Reddit over here, the founder of eBay over here.” “And if we want to go back a few years, even Albert Einstein may have ended up in a Nazi concentration camp with Donald Trump’s viewpoint on immigration,” Scarborough added. Watch above, via MSNBC.

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