Reason’s Matt Welch Claims MSNBC Hosts Complain About Viewers During Commercial Breaks

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Reason editor-at-large and frequent MSNBC guestMatt Welch, said on his podcast, The Fifth Column, Thursday that MSNBC hosts often say they’re fed up with their viewers. After Kmele Foster talked about his recent appearance on MSNBC, Welch claimed that the hosts are frustrated when viewers complain about when they put a Democrat through the wringer or when they try to engage someone they disapprove of. “I’m starting to hear more and more — and this happened this week and it happened probably every week that I’ve been on MSNBC recently — in commercial breaks the hosts lean over and say, ‘God, I’m sick of our viewers,'” Welch explained. “Not sick of our viewers but ‘I’m tired of getting dragged on Twitter every time I ask a Democrat a tough question. And I am also tired of people who are intolerant of there even being questions asked the bad people.’” MSNBC has long been known as a more liberal-friendly network, catering more to the interests and concerns of the left. However, many of them come from more moderate backgrounds, so it’s not too surprising to hear that the tastes of their audience does not always match the way they’d prefer to report the news. You can listen to Welch’s comments, beginning at 24:00, above, via The Fifth Column. [image via screengrab]

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